Photography has been with me as far as I can remember, I still recall winning my first Kodak film camera when I was 12, and since then the fascination never really stopped.


To me photography is about people, hands down my absolute favourite subject is to capture people's emotions and reactions. We’re unpredictable and we convey an immense range of expressions every day, and that's precisely what I strive to capture as a portrait photographer.

Long ago my uncle gifted me a subscription to National Geographic on one of my birthdays, and despite the beauty of their wildlife and landscape photography, what attracted me the most was their depiction of people - the eyes, the faces - which had a definite influence in me seeking a career as a portrait photographer.

Because people are my main focus that naturally led me into covering weddings as well, I love it in its own way because I get to shoot happy partying people in a candid way, all of their expressions are genuine and true to their character, why pose when you can have the real thing?

I've started my portrait photographer career quite late in life, spending the best part of a decade 'lost' in an industry I cared nothing about - retail. It took me to the age of 32 to find what I wanted to be - a portrait photographer - and a further 2 years to actually have the opportunity to turn the hobby into a full time job. In fact, calling it a job is a disservice, I love what I do and I can only wish I could do more of it.

I pride myself in making sure my clients and my couples are 100% happy with the service they get. One of the perks of using a freelance portrait or wedding photographer like myself rather than an agency is that I can commit myself to each client like no company can. So rest assured that your photos are getting a personal treatment like no other.

I've established myself as a portrait, wedding and commercial photographer based in Liverpool UK, travelling nationwide and around Europe, wherever photography takes me.

Have a look at my portfolio, and please don't hesitate in contacting me to discuss your event or photo-shoot plans.


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Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom

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